Leicester City fans get free beer and doughnut for owner’s birthday – BBC News

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Image caption The alcoholic drink was available to those aged 18 and over and was not allowed to be taken to the seat

Leicester City fans were treated to a free beer and a doughnut at the sell-out game against Southampton.

Foxes fans attending the home game could redeem the offer before the match to celebrate the club owner’s birthday.

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, whose birthday is on Monday, would like to thank fans for their “fantastic support” throughout the season.

Leicester moved seven points clear at the top of the Premier League after a 1-0 win at the King Power Stadium.

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Image caption Children could collect a free bottled water and a doughnut before the match

Each ticket holder could collect a complimentary bottle of beer or bottled water and a doughnut from points outside the stadium.

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Image caption Leicester City club owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha flew back to Thailand after the game against Southampton on Sunday

Susan Whelan, club’s chief executive, said Mr Srivaddhanaprabha arrived to the UK from Thailand “just to be with us and to support the team” for the game.

“There are many special bonds that exist at our football club – between the players, the staff, the owners and the fans – and that’s been vital to the incredible season we’ve had,” Ms Whelan said.

“Everywhere we go, people are talking about it.

“We’re entering the run-in to the end of the season now, so that bond is going to be as important as it’s ever been in the next games, and the support of our fans is an essential part of the final push.”

Leicester will win the title if they win four of their remaining six games.

Remaining Leicester fixtures

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  • Sunderland: 10 April – away
  • West Ham: 17 April – home
  • Swansea: 24 April – home
  • Manchester United: 1 May – away
  • Everton: 7 May – home
  • Chelsea: 15 May – away

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Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/01/20/leicester-city-fans-get-free-beer-and-doughnut-for-owners-birthday-bbc-news/


Courteney Cox is right. None of us can run from ageing | Michele Hanson

The actors decision to stop trying to keep up with getting older is a great one the sooner we stop being repulsed by old age, the better

It was refreshing to hear Courteney Cox boldly admit that she regrets her past efforts to conceal the effects of ageing. The actors realisation that it was all fairly pointless might stop the rest of us down here on the ground from trying it.

Im not quite sure whats shes tried, shes been a bit cagey about it, admitting only to the sort of mistake that dissolves and goes away, but apparently the world has been talking about her ever-changing appearance bigger lips, wrinkle-free forehead, the works. So I had a stare at some of her before and after pictures, but I couldnt tell the difference. She looked fine to me. No calamitous sausage-lips or balloon bosoms; no stretched, stuck-in-a-wind-tunnel face. Whatever she has done must have been fairly modest, and she could presumably afford not to go to any quacks, because cosmetic surgery can be a dangerous game.

But most importantly Cox has decided to stop trying to keep up with getting older [and just] let it be. This is a lesson for us all, because theres nothing we can do about it, and the sooner we stop being repulsed by old age, the better.

Its not easy, though. Im pretty repulsed by my own old age the extra whiskers, moles like saucers, turkey neck, swaths of wrinkles and general last-chicken-in-the-shop body, but I am trying to love and accept it all the same. And anyone, like Cox, whos struggling at 49, 50, 52 (theres a bit of confusion in the press as to how old she is), is going to find it much harder as life goes on. So good for her, for starting now.

Perhaps it is more difficult to cope with old age if you have been considered beautiful in your youth. You have more to lose. But those of us who thought ourselves fairly gruesome from an early age (whether it was true or not) may have got to grips with this problem earlier. I moan about my own elderly looks, but really I dont give half as much of a stuff as I used to. Having been called coconut-bonce, pointy head and a praying mantis by various fellows, I realised decades ago that I was never going to win.

But whatever you do, however hard you try, however beautiful you are, the bar will always be raised when you think youve got there. For Cox and her sort, there will always be some bitchy/slimeball commentator searching for a minuscule flaw that they can sneer at. Particularly if you are a woman, and getting older. And even more so if you are in the public eye. I hear comparatively little moaning about ageing mens beer-bellies, bald heads, comb-overs, and general flab, whiskers and wreckage.

So stuff it. Why slice oneself to pieces, stick potentially leaking jellies into your breast, suck out fat, slap on rejuvenating creams, inject, paint, shave, and scrape away at your skin, at first to look pleasing to God knows who, but most of all, to stop looking old? Why not, as Cox has suggested, let it be, because nobody really cares. No one passing in the street spots you and thinks what a hideous looking old woman! They couldnt care less. Theyre probably too worried about their own mouldering complexions.

Not that Im condemning any interventions. If you are weighed down by gigantic bosoms, or have none to speak of, or satchels beneath your eyes, or your front teeth fall out, then why not improve things if you can, and if it makes you feel better. I can understand the pain of wanting to do something about it. Aged 15 I was desperate to have the end of my gigantic nose cut off. It wasnt allowed.

Now I dye my hair, I have caps on my teeth, my ears are pierced, I remove facial hair, I try not to go out with egg on my T-shirt, but the good news, I find, is that as the years go by, accepting ones looks seems to get easier if like Cox, you can try not to be bothered. Because what did she get for looking great while dining on maggots in the Irish wilds with Bear Grylls?

Theres life in your eyes, said he. Was that meant to be a compliment? Is that what all the anti-ageing efforts were for? Is it worth it?

Source: http://allofbeer.com/courteney-cox-is-right-none-of-us-can-run-from-ageing-michele-hanson/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/01/20/courteney-cox-is-right-none-of-us-can-run-from-ageing-michele-hanson/

Woman Bites Off Husband’s Ear During Argument Over Beer

A Minnesota woman has been arrested following an argument with her husband during which she bit off his ear.

It wasn’t kinky foreplay gone bad, but rather, the St. Cloud couple was fighting over a beer, according to a criminal complaint filed in the Stearns County District Court.

(Last beer or not, she could have taken a more civilized approachto revenge.)

Stearns County Police responded to the domestic assault call wherethey found Jamie Elrod and her husband in shady situation.

The officers reportedly found Elrod’s husband with part of his right ear missing, which they then found on the floor amongst blood.

According to thecomplaint, the victim told officers his wife had been arguing with himover a beer when she followed him into the bedroom and allegedly “went off.”

When officers asked Elrod, who had been drinking, what happened to the victim’s ear, she said she did not know.Since being held at Stearns County Jail, Elrod’s incriminating phone calls reveal her admitting to biting off her husband’s ear.

Jamie Elrod, 37, faces a first-degreeassault charge and $30,000 bail bond.

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Source: http://allofbeer.com/woman-bites-off-husbands-ear-during-argument-over-beer/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/01/19/woman-bites-off-husbands-ear-during-argument-over-beer/

A Feminist’s Guide to Critiquing Hillary Clinton

Fair warning: This blog is not going to be angry. It will not be written in all caps. There will be no vulgarity. And it probably wont go viral. I dont care.

What I do care about is the fact Ive read over 70+ articles in the past two weeks alone discussing the 2016 election and what I see is a total lack of nuance and a lot of critiques that overgeneralize or underplay the very real role gender plays when people talk about Clinton and/or any other women who dare to step into positions that for so long have only been held by men.

What I do care about is how on my Facebook feed and elsewhere, I see well meaning folks called out as sexist jerks for simply offering legitimate critiques of Clinton and what a Clinton presidency might look like.

I like nuance. I like messy. I dont like soundbites and simplicity. So, lets play the nuance game. For folks who love Clinton, realize that not every critique poised against her is based in sexism. For those who love Sanders, realize that sexism is very alive in 2016, and that you can love your candidate AND embrace the reality that politicking while female is an incredibly difficult thing to do. Imagine that. Both/and. For those who havent yet made up their minds, or dont fall into either of these categories, this is for you, too.

So, here is my attempt to create a list of productive ways to critique Hillary Clinton without being a sexist jerk.

1). Do not talk about her voice. Really. Just dont. Earlier this week (and pretty much throughout Clintons existence), weve seen pundits and others criticize her shrillness, her voice, and her masculine speaking style. Soraya Chemaly argues, Anger in a man doesnt make the world wonder out loud if his hormones have taken over his brain and rendered him an incoherent idiot who cant be trusted with Important Things. How many words for angry men are there? Ones that have the powerful and controlling cultural resonance of , and ,, ? Or, yep, . Karlyn Kohrs Campbell wrote an incredibly thoughtful piece discussing how our culture has negatively responded to Clintons inability to fit within the parameters set in terms of how one should act and speak as a woman in the political sphere. She says Clinton symbolizes the problems of public women writ large, the continuing demand that women who play public roles or function in the public sphere discursively enact their femininity, and that women who do not or who do so to only a limited degree, women whose training and personal history fit them for the roles of rhetor, lawyer, expert, and advocate, roles that are gender coded masculine, will arouse the intensely hostile responses that seem so baffling (15). Overall, what Campbell is arguing is that women in the political sphere, in order to be taken seriously, must enact just the right amount of femininity and masculinity, and that Clintons failure to be appropriately feminine has hindered her for decades.

She continues to thoughtfully lay out a masculine and feminine rhetorical style of speaking and discusses what that sounds like. In rhetorical terms, performing or enacting femininity has meant adopting a personal or self-disclosing tone (signifying nurturance, intimacy, and domesticity) and assuming a feminine persona, e.g., mother, or an ungendered persona, e.g., mediator or prophet, while speaking. It has meant preferring anecdotal evidence (reflecting womens experiential learning in contrast to mens expertise), developing ideas inductively (so the audience thinks that it, not this presumptuous woman, drew the conclusions), and appropriating strategies associated with womensuch as domestic metaphors, emotional appeals to motherhood, and the likeand avoiding such macho strategies as tough language, confrontation or direct refutation, and any appearance of debating ones opponents. Note, however, that feminine style does not preclude substantive depth and argumentative cogency (5).

Presidents Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton use/used a feminine rhetorical style of speakingsomething which men can do and not be criticized for. Reagan was the great communicator. Both Clinton and Obama have been called some of the greatest orators in American history.

Hillary Clinton cannot perform femininity and her inability to play into this script Campbell argues reveals *our deficiencies*not Clintons. Campbell states, Our failure to appreciate the highly developed argumentative skills of an expert advocate, when the advocate is female, reveals our deficiencies, not hers. Legislation attendant on the second wave of feminism opened doors for able women who seek to exercise their skills in all areas of life, including the formation of public policy. If we reject all of those who lack the feminizing skills of Elizabeth Dole, we shall deprive ourselves of a vast array of talent (15).

2). Please dont talk about her likeability. As with the sound of her voice and her rhetorical speaking style, her likeability should have nothing to do with whether or not she would make a qualified president. Yes, I realize all candidates have to somewhat pass the likeability test, but for Clinton, because of the years long Hillary hating stemming from her time as first lady, this issue is in fact gendered, and to criticize her for not being likeable reeks of sexism. Henry Louis Gates Jr. argues, Hillary hating has become one of those national past times that unite the elite and the lumpen. Gary Wills notes, Hillary Hate is a large-scale psychic phenomenon. At the Republican convention there was a dismemberment doll on sale. For twenty dollars you could buy a rag-doll Hillary with arms and legs made to tear off and throw on the floor. .. . Talk shows are full of speculation about Hillarys purported lesbianism and drug use. Fine conspiratorial reasoning sifts whether she was Vince Fosters mistress or murderer or both. The Don Imus show plays a version of the song The Lady is a Tramp with new lyrics about the way the lady fornicates and menstruates and urinates, concluding, Thats why the First Lady is a tramp.’

As Nico Lang points out, She was a working woman and full political partner with (gasp) feminist tendencies. Among would-be first ladies in the early 1990s, these were exotic qualities. Clinton has continued to occupy thatsame space for the better part of three decades now, a one-woman culture war whoplays the political game the same way the men around her do. But unlike those men, Clinton is chided for being disingenuous and a political insider. Everyone else just gets to do their job. There are real reasons to have reservations about a Clinton presidency including her oft-cited ties to Wall Street and her hawkish foreign policy but how often are they the central force of the criticism lodged against her campaign? In an August poll, Quinnipac found that while political respondents felt that Hillary Clinton was strong and a candidate with experience, the words they most associated with her are liar, dishonest, and untrustworthy. These designations appear to be motivated by her Emailgate scandal and the ongoing questions about Benghazi but none of the myriad investigations into eitherhave turned up anything close to a smoking gun.

Rebecca Traister also notes, Recall the days following the 2008 Iowa caucus, when the media took advantage of Clintons defeat to let loose with their resentment and animosity toward her. That was when conservative Marc Rudov told Fox News that Clinton lost because When Barack Obama speaks, men hear Take off for the future! When Hillary Clinton speaks, men hear Take out the garbage! It was in the days after Iowa that Clinton infamously got asked about how voters believed her to be the most experienced and the most electable candidate but are hesitating on the likability issue. In late January, columnist Mike Barnicle told a laughing all-male panel on Morning Joe that Clintons challenge was that she looks like everyones first wife standing outside of probate court.’ In Diana B. Carlin and Kelly L. Winfreys analysis of the various ways Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton were portrayed during the 2008 campaign, they note, Women who exhibited too many masculine traits are often ridiculed and lose trust because they are going against type or play into male political stereotypes that voters are rejecting (328).

More recently, Sady Doyle argues that, This plays out on the level of personal expression, too: Women are supposedly over-emotional, whereas men make stern, logical, intelligent judgments. So, if Hillary raises her voice, gets angry, cries, or (apparently) even makes a sarcastic joke at a mans expense, she will be seen as bitchy, crazy, cruel and dangerous. (Remember the NO WONDER BILLS AFRAID headlines after she raised her voice at a Benghazi hearing; remember the mass freak-out over her emotional meltdown when someone thought she might be crying during a concession speech.) She absolutely cannot express negative emotion in public. But people have emotions, and women are supposed to have more of them than men, so if Hillary avoids them if she speaks strictly in calm, logical, detached terms, to avoid being seen as crazy we find her cold, call her robotic and calculating, and wonder why she doesnt express her feminine side. Again, shes going to be faulted for feminine weakness or lack of femininity, and both are damaging. Okay, so she can never be sad, angry, or impatient. Thats not a ban on all emotion, right? Youd think the one clear path to avoiding the bitchy or cold descriptors would be to put on a happy face, and admit to emotions only when they are positive. Youd think that, and youd be wrong: It turns out, people hate it when Hillary Clinton smiles or laughs in public. Hillary Clintons laugh gets played in attack ads; it has routinely been called a cackle (like a witch, right? Because shes old, and female, like a witch); frozen stills of Hillary laughing are routinely used to make her look crazy in conservative media. She cant be sad or angry, but she also cant be happy or amused, and she also cant refrain from expressing any of those emotions. There is literally no way out of this one. Anything she does is wrong. Given these constraints, Doyle argues it is impossible for Clinton to be likeable.

Look at how shes tried to address this issue. Dancing like a fool, talking about fashion, laughing more. What has it gotten her? Nothing but backlash.

Dave Holmes writes in , Youre not fun. Stop trying to pretend youre fun. writes an entirefaux op-ed from Clinton entitled I am Fun painting her attempt at being fun as insincere and manufactured.

In the eyes of the American public, Hillary Clinton will be fun. Or likeable. Or someone youd want to have a beer with. And it shouldnt matter. Period. So quit it with the likeability stuff, already. Its stupid and petty. I dont care if my president knows how to dance or even knows how to dress well. And you shouldnt, either.

3). Do criticize her on substantive issues. As Kevin Young & Diana C. Sierra Becerra argue, Clinton is the embodiment of corporate feminism. In their piece, they cite many areas where Clinton could have been and could still be a better advocate for womens rights. Its a fair critique but one that falls under the radar when were so concerned with her voice, appearance, and dance skills.

4). Know your history, do some research, and when criticizing, be fair. One of the claims I often hear as to why some dont trust Clinton, or why some feel shes untrustworthy is because she sat on the board of Walmart. Ok. But lets dig a little deeper. Ann Klefstad notes, Not to take anything away from Bernie and Jane, but think what an advantage this is: to build a career in a location of your choosing, with the strong support of a highly qualified and intelligent person who is unconditionally loyal to you. This was also Bill Clintons situationafter Yale, finding Hillary, heading home to Arkansas, and building a brilliant career in politics. But heywhat about Hillary? After getting a law degree from Yale (an all-male institution a few years previously) she meets Bill. She dumps her career as a congressional aide to move to Arkansas with Bill. I can imagine her dilemma. This was the 1970s. If she wanted to be with Bill, she would be riding on the ship he was captain of. There were consequences to that. She would be a partner in creating a political career that would accomplish many of the goals she wanted to accomplish. Bill very much admired her superb intellect and political skills as well. So they embarked. Theyre in Arkansas. Vermont politics have a pretty clean record. Arkansas? Not so much. You do make your own choices, but the context youre in, well, it matters. The Arkansas economy was in the toilet. The only bright star was the Walton family and Walmart, which was on track to become the biggest retailer in the world. They provided (in Arkansas) an expanding number of well-paid jobs. Bill was governor. Should Hillary have dumped his political career for a chance to spit in Sam Waltons eye? Well, that wasnt going to happen. She sat on the Walmart board and did what she could to both ensure the prosperity of the state of which her husband was governor and to do the right thing. She has almost always chosen the path (sometimes not the one youd pick) that would enable her to accomplish some good actions, rather than the pure path that tends to lead to inaction, or to exile from the power than enables you to make change.

Still dont like the fact she sat on the board? Fine. Dont like her stances on foreign policy? Totally ok. But understand the choices Clinton made in the context in which she livednot in a vacuum. This goes for all of her political choices. Never assume anything about any candidate without doing a little research first. Its amazing how much you can find out on this magical thing called the interwebs.

5). Dont assume critiques against Clinton are automatically rooted in sexism, and when calling out someone for critiquing Clinton, dont assume they, are in fact, sexist either. Take the #BernieBro label, for example. According to Glenn Greenwald, Have pro-Clinton journalists and pundits been subjected to some vile, abusive, and misogynistic rhetoric from random, anonymous internetsupporters of Sanders who are angry over their Clinton support?. Does that reflect in any way on the Sanders campaign or which candidate should win the Democratic primary? . The reason pro-Clinton journalists are targeted with vile abuse online has nothing specifically to do with the Sanders campaign or its supporters. It has everything to do with the internet. There are literally no polarizing views one can advocateonline including criticizing Democratic Party leaders such as Clinton or Barack Obama that will not subject one to a torrent of intense anger and vile abuse. Its not remotely unique to supporting Hillary Clinton: Ask Megyn Kelly about that, or the Sanders-supporting Susan Sarandon and Cornel West, or anyone with a Twitter account or blog. Ive seen online TV and film critics get hauled before vicious internet mobs for expressing unpopular views about a TV program or a movie. Amanda Hess pushes further arguing as soon as the Bernie Bro materialized, the conversation around it deteriorated. As the meme gained momentum, some popularizers stopped bothering to marshal any kind of evidence that Sanders supporters were sexist . . . . This is a familiar online phenomenon. Just as mansplaining morphed from a useful descriptor of a real problem in contemporary gender dynamics to an increasingly vague catchall expression, ass Benjamin Hart put it in 2014,the Bernie Bro argument has been stretched beyond recognition by both its champions and its critics.What began as a necessary critique of leftist sexism has been replaced by a pair of straw men waving their arms in the wind.

If the label applies, absolutely use it. Call out sexism and misogyny-especially if its coming from someone who claims to be progressive. However, I worry the label is being thrown around loosely and being applied to many well meaning, non-sexist male critics of Clinton. And that only silences debate. I dont want anyone to feel as though they cannot legitimately critique Clinton for fear of being called sexist, a BernieBro, or other names.

Overall, as with most of my writing, this piece was for me. Every time I read an article about Clinton or Sanders or sexism or the fight for the soul of the Democratic Party I find myself wishing for more nuance, less click-bait, and sound and civil discourse. Im tired of seeing the same soundbites repeated on my Facebook wall, seeing good friends of mine unfriend each other or worse because theyre on Team Sanders or Team Clinton and cant find common ground to have a legitimate debate about what this election is really about. In the words of my good friend Greg Wright, If you can imagine a better opportunity to demand the world we want, Id like to hear when you think it will come. When will better circumstances reveal themselves again? What political climate are you relying on to thrust the most unlikely candidate into the realm of possible? You want to know what will make this all the more likely to happen again? Demanding that it happen now.

We are at a historic moment in American history, not unlike the 2nd wave feminist movement. Gloria Steinem once said of Betty Friedan I believe that she was looking to join society as it existed, and the slightly younger parts of the movement were trying to transform society. And those were kind of two different goals. Like Friedan, I would argue that Clinton wants to work within the structure we have, while Sanders wants to transform society. He wants a revolution. In the words of Robert Reich, Ive known Hillary Clinton since she was 19 years old, and have nothing but respect for her. In my view, shes the most qualified candidate for president of the political system we now have. ButBernie Sanders is the most qualified candidate to create the political system we should have, because hes leading a political movement for change.

Sexism is real, and I love the fact that we are even talking about the ugly face of sexism in politics. However, we must be able to criticize a female candidate without resorting to sexist tactics, or be called sexist for critiquing her in the first place.

Overall, as many have pointed out, both Sanders and Clinton would be undeniably better as our next commander in chief than anyone currently running in the Republican arena. So I would caution democrats to get too entrenched within their teams that they refuse to see the bigger picture of the need to elect a Democrat in this next election. There are ways to disagree with one another that dont need to devolve into name calling or soundbite repeating. On Facebook and elsewhere, engage with those on either side in mindful and productive ways. This is an incredibly important election for so many reasons, but that doesnt mean we cant have thoughtful debates. So keep reading. Keep posting. Keep fighting for your team. Just dont embrace the ugly. Theres enough of that out there already.

Source: http://allofbeer.com/a-feminists-guide-to-critiquing-hillary-clinton/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/01/19/a-feminists-guide-to-critiquing-hillary-clinton/

The Shockingly Recent Race Riot You’ve Never Heard Of

A brief glance at the cartoon version of America makes you think the South is pretty racist. Look at them, with their Confederate flags and voter ID laws! But while you were sleeping, the blue states were up to some pretty racist shit too. It’s just that they’ve got better PR.

For example, one of the biggest and most violent anti-segregation fights in US history didn’t take place in 1950s Mississippi or Alabama, but 1970s Boston. The 70s! In Massachusetts! The land of Kennedys, Afflecks and liberal arts colleges was faced with the desegregation of schools and was like, “yo George Wallace, hold my beer!”

To discuss some of the secretly f#&*ed up modern history of the United States, Jack O’Brien and Michael Swaim are joined by the guys from ‘The Dollop’: Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds. They discuss the Boston busing riots of the 70s, the comically-liberal blue state with secret ties to the KKK and why we’re about to live through the Enron crisis all over again.

Throw on your headphones and click “Play” above, go here to subscribe on iTunes, or download it here.


The Dollop

The Dollop’s List of Sources

Podcast: The Dollop: Boston Busing 1974

Podcast: The Dollop: Oregon and the Ku Klux Klan

Podcast: The Dollop: Enron

Image: 11 Nations of America Map

Article: US News & World Report: A Flag, A Busing Fight and a Famous Photograph

Documentary: BBC: HyperNormalisation

Article: Buzzfeed News: How Teens in the Balkans Are Duping Trump Supporters With Fake News

Video: Oregon Whale Explosion

The Cracked Podcast: Why Class in America Isn’t Just About Income

Article: Siderea: Class (American)

Source: http://allofbeer.com/the-shockingly-recent-race-riot-youve-never-heard-of/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/01/19/the-shockingly-recent-race-riot-youve-never-heard-of/

Dear Tech Companies: Focus on Diversity, Not Foosball

Let’s pretend I’m looking for a job in tech. I navigate to your careers page, and the first thing I see is a photo. In the photo are 10 people hovered over a ping-pong table. Sometimes it’s a foosball table, or a pool table. There are people drinking what looks like beer, laughing, foosing all over the place, having a great time. One is petting a dog. Some have their hands in the air, though I cant exactly tell why. Is there music in the background? Are they cheering for the game? Who are these people? Ten out of ten of them are male, and 100 percent of them are white. Hell, even Rick’s dog made it to the photo. But women? People of color? Nope.

Let’s update the photo. The photo now has some women, or some people of color, but not both. (This seems to be common in technology companies’ career pages.) This is better, but has problems. You are still asking me to be the first one, the test dummy, the litmus test.



LaToya Allen is a software engineer at Big Cartel in Chicago and founder of SheNomads.

I say to myself, “The photo they have chosen with intent does not reflect the company culture. It’s just a photo.” I decide to stay on the site, and read the section where you list perks of working at your company. You list the industry standards; competitive salary, medical and dental, etc. Thats fine; I keep reading.

You describe your employees as ninjas, and silly. Silly ninjas. Or maybe superheroes. You offer up free snacks, free beer. There is no mention of work-life balance, funding for education and training, maternity leave, or paternity leave.

I’m pretty sure I’m never going to be a parent. Which is fine; Ive been told I’m the world’s best auntie. However, I want to work at a company that takes care of people who do. Not just snack-eating ninja superheroes. Actual real-life, human parents.

Let’s pretend that you do add maternity leave, paternity leave, and education to the site. Is alcohol a perk I see before, or after maternity leave? Why? What message does this send?

You describe the work as meaningful, even though your product doesn’t solve any real-world problems, or put your customers in a better position than they were before they used your product. Not that it has to; products are products and people need jobs. I get it.

I’m not saying that your product has to fix climate change, end poverty, or prevent reality TV stars from running for president. Meaningful work can be something as simple as providing folks a way to support themselves, people from other cultures to connect, or help keep a business running. When you say that the work is meaningful, but we would both agree that it is not, I side-eye your career page. And so do some people looking for jobs.

Now that you’ve read this, go to your career page. Look at the photo. Consider the benefits, what order the benefits are in, how you describe your ideal candidate, and current staff.

Who are you trying to hire? Why might your career page not attract the talent you are looking for, or folks who empathize with them? Why are you so obsessed with ninjas?

A version of this essay previously appeared on Medium.

Source: http://allofbeer.com/dear-tech-companies-focus-on-diversity-not-foosball/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/01/18/dear-tech-companies-focus-on-diversity-not-foosball/

A brewery is exchanging beer for Richard Spencer tickets so he’ll speak to empty seats.

For decades, freedom fighters around the world have developed bold, cunning, and occasionally bizarre tools to fight fascism and white supremacy.

Now, a Florida brewery is adding a new weapon to the arsenal: free beer.

In advance of a planned speech by notorious white nationalist Richard Spencer, local hop-smith Alligator Brewing Company is offering a draft on the house to anyone who brings in two tickets to the event to throw away.

Ticket become available this Saturday, October 14th and each person can get two with a valid ID. This is our town. This…

Posted by Alligator Brewing Co. on Thursday, October 12, 2017

The brewery hoped to dispose of enough tickets to confront Spencer with a host of empty seats.

“The thought of putting tickets in the hands of those who may have opposing ideas was already bouncing around town, and we realized we were in a position to up the ante a bit,” Aaron Kahn, Alligator’s head brewer and operations manager, tells Upworthy.

Kahn says his neighbors and customers overwhelmingly oppose the event, which is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 19.

“Most everyone we spoke to were against [Spencer’s] arrival,” he explains. “Violence seems to follow him and his words suggesting that this nation belongs to one race are dangerous.”

He believes Gainesville is “smart and prepared” to deal with any fallout from the speech.

A black sheet covers the statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville’s Emancipation Park. Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images.

After the deadly act of white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, the city is taking few chances. Florida Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in advance of the event, citing a need to ensure the “entire community is prepared so everyone can stay safe.”

Unfortunately, on Saturday, Spencer told the Miami Herald that he was aware of the brewery’s plan to scrap the tickets in exchange for beer.

“We’re going to have a system in place to combat that,” he promised.

Tickets were initially made available at the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts box office, according to a Washington Post report.

After Alligator Brewing’s post went viral, the National Policy Institute, the Spencer-led group sponsoring the talk, went ahead and picked up all the tickets, which it now plans to distribute first-come, first-serve in person before the event.

Despite the last-minute roadblock, the brewery hasn’t given up. Their customers may have to line up the morning of the event to snag the tickets, but they can still exchange them for beer.

“We are so incredibly proud to be part of community that will rally together for the greater good,” Kahn says. “We stand by our pledge if we can find a way to redirect some of those unused tickets.”

So … who wants a cold one?

Source: http://allofbeer.com/a-brewery-is-exchanging-beer-for-richard-spencer-tickets-so-hell-speak-to-empty-seats/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/01/18/a-brewery-is-exchanging-beer-for-richard-spencer-tickets-so-hell-speak-to-empty-seats/

Perus President-Elect Names SABMiller Executive to Head Cabinet

Perus President-elect Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said hell name the head of beer company SABMiller Plcs local unit as cabinet chief when he takes office later this month.

Fernando Zavala, 45, who worked alongside Kuczynski in the 2001-2006 government of Alejandro Toledo, will take the post as head of the 19-member cabinet Kuczynski plans to swear in on July 28. Zavala is an economist with an MBA from the University of Birmingham in the U.K.

Zavala has great knowledge of what happens in Peru, Kuczynski said in an interview with RPP Noticias. He knows how the public administration functions, which is of great importance.

Zavala has worked for the international beer company for the past decade, including four years as president of Cerveceria Nacional in Panama and more recently as chief executive officer of its Backus and Johnston unit, which has 95 percent of Perus beer market. Before that he spent a decade in government, first as head of Perus competition watchdog and then as deputy finance minister. In 2005, he was named finance minister, taking over from Kuczynski, who then became cabinet chief.

In his new post Zavala will coordinate policy making within the cabinet, present Kuczynskis main legislative proposals to Congress, and oversee more than a dozen agencies that report to his office.

The only other cabinet member Kuczynski has named is his future finance minister Alfredo Thorne. Hes said hell name the rest of his cabinet on July 15.

Source: http://allofbeer.com/perus-president-elect-names-sabmiller-executive-to-head-cabinet/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/01/18/perus-president-elect-names-sabmiller-executive-to-head-cabinet/

Food in books: mushroom, bacon and leek pie from The Fellowship of the Ring

Kate Young riffs on the last hot meal the hobbits eat before embarking on a huge journey which takes her back to her dads affectionate storytelling

One to two other hobbits belonging to the farm-household came in. In a short while fourteen sat down to eat. There was beer in plenty, and a mighty dish of mushrooms and bacon, besides much other solid farmhouse fare. The dogs lay by the fire and gnawed rinds and cracked bones.

The Fellowship of the Ring, JRR Tolkien

My dad is a great teller of stories. My sister and I would demand one each time we went for a long walk wed give him a group of characters (a mouse, an elephant and a girl call Alice) and hed create an incredible world for them to inhabit. Wed be rock hopping through a creek or winding our way up a mountain while he told us stories of Alice sneaking into a circus late at night, or journeying to India with a mouse in tow. When he and mum divorced, he recorded himself (on an old school tape recorder, I think) reading our favourite stories The Minpins, The Mirrorstone, Wombats Dont Have Christmas out loud, so we could listen to them wherever we were. I still have a copy on CD.

I also have vivid memories of him reading to us at night, relaxed into a chair next to our bunk beds, sharing his old favourites: Jim Hawkinss adventures on the Atlantic, Bilbos in Middle Earth. I still associate all of Tolkiens writing with these memories, though I didnt read The Lord of the Rings until many years later.

Without more than a mighty dish of mushrooms and bacon to go on, Ive had to be creative here. This pie is just the kind of thing Id want as my last hot meal before heading off on an adventure sustaining, warm and comforting. Its humble, homely food, easy to make, and elevated by the quality of your ingredients. On Mr and Mrs Maggots farm it would be glorious, with mushrooms picked earlier that day, leeks from the garden and bacon from a local pig. My Cotswolds ingredients (the area was apparently part of Tolkiens inspiration for Hobbiton) proved worthy substitutes.

The journey into Mordor takes Frodo and Sam six months, during which time they eat little but Lembas, a sweet Elven bread wrapped in leaves. This farmhouse feast, enjoyed by the hobbits before they begin on their journey, speaks to what theyre leaving behind, and what they dream of returning to.


Its humble, homely food, easy to make, and elevated by the quality of your ingredients. Photograph: Kate Young

Mushroom, Bacon and Leek Pie: the recipe

Serves 6-8

125g pancetta/lardons/streaky bacon (chopped into small bits)
3tbsp butter
4 medium leeks, sliced into thin discs
450g button mushrooms, sliced into quarters
8 springs thyme
Salt and pepper
2tbsp flour
3tbsp sherry
500ml vegetable stock
Handful dried wild mushrooms
Handful chopped parsley
2tbsp double cream
200g flour
100g butter
Pinch salt
1 egg yolk
2tbsp iced water
1 egg

Large frying pan
Wooden spoon
Mixing bowl
Measuring jug
Food processor (optional)
Rolling pin
Pie dish
Pastry brush

1 Place the frying pan over a medium heat and, once hot, add the bacon/lardons and fry until golden. Remove them from the pan and drop them into mixing bowl.

2 Leave the bacon fat in the pan and add 1tbsp of the butter. Cook the leeks until soft and translucent, then remove them to the bowl too.

3 Add another tablespoon of the butter, and half the mushrooms. Dont crowd the mushrooms, or they will steam rather than brown if youre doing this in a narrower, deep pan, you may want to do it in three batches. Once browned, transfer to the mixing bowl, and cook the second batch of mushrooms. Add a generous amount of pepper and a pinch of salt to the mixing bowl. Strip the sprigs of thyme and put the leaves into the mixing bowl too.

4 Prepare the vegetable stock (warm it if using homemade, or prepare your favourite stock pot/cube), and add the dried mushrooms. Set aside.

5 Tip the mushrooms, bacon and leeks back into the pan. Sprinkle the flour in and cook, stirring constantly, for two minutes. Add the sherry and cook for another minute. Pour the vegetable stock in, lower the heat and simmer until thick, which should take around fifteen minutes.

6 Tip the filling back into the mixing bowl. Stir in the chopped parsley and the cream, then set aside to cool completely.

7 To make the pastry, put the flour and cold, chopped butter into the food processor and blitz until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Alternatively, if you dont have a food processor, you can rub the butter into the flour with your fingertips. Add the egg yolk, and mix or blitz. Trickle some of the water in, stopping as soon as the pastry comes together. Wrap the pastry in cling film and place in the fridge for 20 minutes.

8 Preheat your oven to 200C and place a baking tray into the centre of it to heat. Take the pastry out of the fridge and roll a bit more than half of it out into a circle that will fit into the pie dish, ensuring there is some overhang. Patch any tears or holes, and pour the cold pie filling into the dish. Roll the remainder of the pastry out into a disc to put on top. Wet the edges of both pastry discs with water to ensure they stick together. Place the second disc on top of the pie and pinch the edges together to seal.

9 Paint the top with a beaten egg, adding decoration if you life. Make a couple of cuts in the top for steam to escape through. Place the pie into the oven, onto the heated baking tray. Bake for 30 minutes or until golden brown.


This farmhouse feast, enjoyed by the hobbits before they begin on their journey, speaks to what theyre leaving behind, and what they dream of returning to. Photograph: Kate Young

Source: http://allofbeer.com/food-in-books-mushroom-bacon-and-leek-pie-from-the-fellowship-of-the-ring/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/01/18/food-in-books-mushroom-bacon-and-leek-pie-from-the-fellowship-of-the-ring/

KFC’s latest oddball idea lets customers pay for chicken with just a smile

KFC is at it again, using technology in strange ways to entice people to eat greasy fried chicken.

This time, a store in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou is deploying facial recognition—a technology increasingly used for smartphone authentification—as a new payment method. Dubbed “Just Smile,” the system lets customers pay by scanning their face and entering a phone number at an ordering kiosk. Annoyingly, customers will need to force a smile as grease settles to their stomach and fast food funds get deducted from their bank account.

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Joey Wat, president of Yum! China, said the store is for “young, tech savvy consumers,” according to Reuters. It’s also for people willing to give a close-up selfie and phone number to a fast food chicken place. At least KFC is aware people will inevitably try to trick its new machines.

“Combined with a 3D camera and liveness detection algorithm, Smile to Pay can effectively block spoofing attempts using other people’s photos or video recordings and ensure account safety,” Jidong Chen, director of biometric identification technology at Ant Financial, said in a statement.

The system is one piece of a concept store filled with odd tech ideas and uncharacteristically healthy food options. It’s practically a Panera, described by Reuters as having seasonal produce, made-to-order salads, and paninis. Also, the chicken is “roasted,” something that’s sure to tick off the Colonel. It even has freshly squeezed juices, gourmet coffees, and best of all: beer.

This awkward smiling machine doesn’t even make the cut for KFC’s strangest tech-filled ideas. Last year, the fast food giant sold sunscreen that smelled like fried chicken and made a kiosk that recommends foods based on how you look. This year, it shot a chicken sandwich to the edge of space and built a terrifying VR training program. Whatever takes people’s minds off its food, I suppose.

H/T Reuters

Source: http://allofbeer.com/kfcs-latest-oddball-idea-lets-customers-pay-for-chicken-with-just-a-smile/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/01/18/kfcs-latest-oddball-idea-lets-customers-pay-for-chicken-with-just-a-smile/