Dream Job Alert: This Museum Is Hiring A ‘Beer Historian’

If you’ve ever headed to the bar after a long day at work and thought, “Ugh, I wish beer could just be my job,” you may be in luck.

The Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. is seeking a “beer historian” to conduct research for a “new initiative on American brewing history.”

Courtesy of the National Museum of American History
Advertisement for malt extract, circa 1900.

While the job is sure to pique the interest of beer lovers, curator Paula Johnson says it’s important to remember that there’s a lot more to the job than drinking.

“It would be hard to research brewing history without the occasional tasting,” she told The Huffington Post in an email. “But we are not looking for a beer taster—we are looking to hire an experienced historian with a specialization in business, brewing, food or cultural history.”

And the official job posting makes it clear that there are a few more qualifications beyond an unadulterated enthusiasm for beer:

The successful candidate will have proven experience in scholarly research,
organizing and conducting oral history interviews, writing for both scholarly and general audiences, and knowledge of material culture and archival materials. The candidate will work with members of the curatorial staff on collections work and develop content for a wide variety of programs and applications, including digital formats. Candidates with an advanced degree in American business, brewing, food, cultural, or similar specialization within history are encouraged to apply. Must be able to travel, work independently as well as within a team environment, to meet deadlines, and to communicate effectively with co-workers and the public.

So what does a beer historian actually do?

“The job will involve developing a plan and conducting research, doing a lot of writing for various digital and print media, doing a lot of public speaking, collecting of objects and documents, working with staff to develop public programs, and a lot of other museum-related duties,” Johnson said.

The researcher will also be spending time “out in the field,” meeting people involved in the brewing industry in different regions around the country, conducting interviews and gathering materials for the collection.

Courtesy of the National Museum of American History
Beer tray, about 1905. Unions power was built on worker solidarity. This beer tray shows a driver and a brewer working together. It says in German Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

The three-year gig is funded by the Brewers Association, a trade group representing craft and home brewers in the United States, but Johnson says that the funding won’t affect the outcome of the research in any way.

“There are no strings attached and the museum alone has full control over the content, the position, research and related programming,” she said. “This is the same standard the Smithsonian upholds with all of our donors, be they private, corporate and association donors.

If you can make the cut, you’ll make more than $64,000 a year with benefits, and more importantly, you’ll have the bragging rights attached to one of the coolest-sounding jobs ever.

Source: http://allofbeer.com/dream-job-alert-this-museum-is-hiring-a-beer-historian/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/05/21/dream-job-alert-this-museum-is-hiring-a-beer-historian/


Paterson review – Adam Driver beguiling in miraculous tale of everyday goodness | Peter Bradshaw’s film of the week

Drivers delicate performance as a poetic bus driver in Jim Jarmuschs delightfully unironic film is far, far away from his Star Wars persona

Slowly but surely, the gentleness of Jim Jarmuschs lovely new film steals up on you. It has an almost miraculous innocence. I cant remember when I last saw a movie whose adult characters had so much simple, unassuming goodness, goodness that breaks everything in the modern culture rulebook by going unironised and unpunished. And Adam Drivers face is something to fall in love with. An Easter Island statue reborn as a sensitive, delicate boy.

It is about a man called Paterson, played by Driver, who works in Paterson, New Jersey; the coincidence underscores his matter-of-fact hometown loyalty without any great emphasis, though it echoes a similar alignment in the epic poem of that name, and about that place, by William Carlos Williams. Paterson has evidently served in the US military and is now a bus driver. He is also a poet on his own time (an admirer of Williams, in fact), thoughtfully writing in a notebook during breaks. His simple, accessible verses appear on screen in squiggly handwriting as he works. He is not supposed to be a genius, but neither is his work hilariously awful or inadvertently revealing, as it might be in another type of film.

Paterson is very happily married to the beautiful Laura (Golshifteh Farahani) who stays at home, pursuing her talents: painting, decor, cooking. She begs Paterson for money so she can buy a guitar and pursue her dream of being a country singer. But again: this guitar does not bring the financial ruin or mortification that you might expect. The point is that Laura is rather good and her plans are not that implausible. At all times, we laugh the way Paterson laughs with Laura, not at her.

In the evenings, Paterson walks their English bulldog Marvin and has a quiet beer where he chats with barkeep Doc (Barry Shabaka Henley) and helps sort out the unhappiness of some other bar regulars: young former lovers Marie (Chasten Harmon) and Everett (William Jackson Harper). And his life continues in its utterly happy, non-careerist way until he is confronted with a terrible loss, which appears at first comically absurd but is very serious.

Happy home Adam Driver and Golshifteh Farahani. Photograph: Mary Cybulsky/Window Frame Films

This is a real place with real landmarks, yet Jarmusch cant help reconfiguring it into one of the unreal, ghost-town sites of his imagination. Paterson will walk streets that are weirdly uninhabited, except for sudden, startling cameo-apparitions. It is not that far from the ruined Detroit of his vampire fantasy Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) and Patersons easy self-reliance is like Forest Whitakers in Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999).

There is a very real, nuanced moment when, listening in to his passengers conversation, Paterson starts smiling at the machismo of a couple of bragging, sexist guys but a female passenger frowns at them while getting off: Paterson sees that and thoughtfully corrects his own smirk.

Yet so much of the rest of the movie is not quite real, or perhaps it is rather that Jarmusch does not replicate reality in the way other film-makers do. Paterson is walking the dog when a crew of gangbangers surreally roll up, yet there is no tension or confrontation: they just ask (admiring) questions about his pet.

The unreality extends to Lauras persistent, fateful questions about making sure Patersons poetry gets out to the public, and worrying that he has made no copies. Both have evidently never considered or even heard of public performance or poetry slams, or sending his work to magazines, or self-publishing digitally. No, all Laura means is Paterson going to a store and getting his poems photocopied though, unlike her technosceptic husband, she has a smartphone and could presumably photograph them all herself in five minutes. Yet you accept all this as part of the tender protective unworldliness that Jarmusch creates for his characters like an almost magic canopy: Patersons work exists in a pre-Gutenberg state and this meshes with Jarmuschs film-making vernacular.

Adam Drivers Paterson is robust, candid, ingenuous without side, as the English say. Or, as American soldiers say: he is squared away. That equine, distinguished face is far from the villainy of the new Star Wars movies. He sometimes looks as if he could be any age from 27 down to 17; it is an open and generous face, clouding heartbreakingly at the moment of loss, clearing wonderfully at a final, mysterious, serendipitous encounter. He has never been more beguiling as an actor.

Source: http://allofbeer.com/paterson-review-adam-driver-beguiling-in-miraculous-tale-of-everyday-goodness-peter-bradshaws-film-of-the-week/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/05/21/paterson-review-adam-driver-beguiling-in-miraculous-tale-of-everyday-goodness-peter-bradshaws-film-of-the-week/

Your Sex Drive Is Out Of Control: 6 Signs You Have Spring Fever

Lately, my sex drive has spiraled out of control. It’s been so high that I’ve wondered if my fertility is at an all-time peak and my biological clock is screaming at meto BEAR CHILDREN RIGHT NOW BITCH, BEFORE IT’S TOO F*CKING LATE.

“But I’m NOT reaaaaady,” I’ve been whining back. I mean, come on! I would like to at least try to find some semblance of a wife (and a life) before I bang out a baby.

I was drinking a glass ofros by myself at my local Upper East Side rich-old-person hangout, blissfully basking in the strong stench of Chanel No. 5 and drunkenly gazing at the endless strings of pearls, heads of silver hair and tweed skirt suits, when it struck me: Maybe my biological clock isn’t screaming at me to procreate just yet.I always feel overcome with lust this time of year.

The moment the weather shifts from brutal New York City winter to whimsical, flowery, carefree SPRING, I start to feel insanely horny.

For the past several weeks, my brain has been consumed with SEX. I’ll be writing about styleor sadnessor depression,and somehow it will circleback to SEX.

Even my skin is more sensitive, the lightest graze of myarm sendingme into the throes of orgasmic chills. When I was getting my painful rib tattoo this weekend, the vibrating needle turned me on. But we will save that bizarrely sexual experience for a different article.

The point is, SPRING makes my libido skyrocket. And it turns out I’m hardly alone in this. My friends have been expressing their irrepressible horniness to me, too.

After gulping down some cheap white wine and sinking into the couch in my apartment, Tia* cried to me that she was “one sexless night away from relapsing with my ex.”The other day over a proper cup of English tea, my proper English friend Cate* savagely bit into a slice of cake and licked frosting off her spoon with a sensuality that made me uncomfortable.And just this morning, Melanie* texted me “OMG WHY IS EVERYONE ON THE L TRAIN SO HOT TODAY” in ALL caps.

But it’s strange because we aren’t experiencinga slutty kind of horny. This isa sweeter kind of horny. It’s not a “I WANT TO F*CK YOUR BRAINS OUT” horny. It’s more of a “I want to kiss your luscious lips beneath a starry sky all night long and breathe in your precious scent and be intoxicated by your pheromones” horny.It’s a springtime horny.

My horniness isnot the only thing that’s shifted with the advent of spring. A lot has changed. I feel an inherent difference in my bones.I’ve come down with an irrepressible, untreatable bout of SPRING FEVER, kittens.

Here are mysymptoms.

1. My sex drive is out of control.


2. I have an irrepressible thirst for ros.

All winter I’ve been riding fast on the white wine train. Basic, I know. But you know what’s more basic than WHITE WINE?Ros, baby. Ro-f*cking-s.When the unquenchable thirst for that pretty pink wine strikes, I know spring has arrived.

I was recently sitting pretty at a late night dinner when it hit me.“I MUST have a glass of ros,” I declared, interrupting a heated political debate.

“Who drinksros?!” a mean lesbian who always picks on me sneered, slugging back her beer.

“Actually, ros sounds like a GREAT idea, Zara!” a chic lesbian producer visiting from LA said, flagging down the waitress.

By the end of the night, all the girls joined me on the gleeful ros ride, while the bully drank her beer alone.

3. I’m fixated on pastels.

Look, babes. I was born in the cruel, cold New York City, andI live in black dresses and black tights and black boots. I’ve been rocking the Wednesday Addams look since I was 14. I downloaded the gothic emojis the first day they came out. I’m a dark and brooding girl creature devoid of color.

However, ever since SPRING has SPRUNG, I’ve been obsessing over pastels. This happens to me every year, and it jars me every time. I go from a black leather lesbian to a pastel-adorned, virginal flower child overnight (OK, maybe that’s pushing it, but you get the point).

Luckily,my strong, gothic aura still manages to make the powder blue sweaters look a little edgy, and my pastel moment is fleeting. The second summer hits, I’m all about that jet-black bikini.It’s not summer without a jet-black bikini.

4. I feel temporarily freed from dark thoughts.

I suffer from what my lovely brother refers to as “dark thoughts.” Thisbasically means I’ll be daydreaming on the subway when BAM, I’ll suddenly imagine the train tragically crashing and I’ll visualize myself flying through the glass, my limp body strewn across the tracks.

Melodramatic and dark, I know. But I’m just wired this way. My whole family is. It’s genetic.

However, lately the dark thoughts have been replaced by freakishly positive, sweet thoughts. I’m dreaming of wild, gorgeous daisies in open f*cking fields in the Dutch countryside instead. It’s weird.

5. I have out-of-character culinary cravings.

In the winter, my palateis overcome with cravings for blood red steak paired with blood red wine. However, now I’m craving this LA hippie sh*t that I never crave. Like $9.00 raw juices and Paleo pumpkin pancakes (yes, I had them the other day, and they were $16, and they were delicious) and couscous with wild salmon.

6. I want to rock a lob.

Long,dark hair is rooted into my identity. Sometimes, I’ll even use clip-in hair extensions to make it longer and darker and vampier.

However, come spring, I have to FIGHT the urge to cut a LOB (long bob). There is just something spiritual and spring aboutcutting off all those dead ends and prancing around with a swingy bob.

The only trouble is, once spring subsides, I hate my f*cking lob and have to spend $1500 on hair extensions so I can go back to looking like a young Morticia again.

Oh well. This bout of spring fever will eventually subside, and we will go back to our miserable, chic selves again soon.

Until then, don’t fight the spring fever; sink into the fever. I mean, the only way to get rid of a fever is to sweat it out, right?

*Name has been changed.

Source: http://allofbeer.com/your-sex-drive-is-out-of-control-6-signs-you-have-spring-fever/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/05/20/your-sex-drive-is-out-of-control-6-signs-you-have-spring-fever/

Tiny pub The Little Prince with room for six people opens in Margate – BBC News

Image caption Andy Barrett wants to be known as the pub’s creator rather than its landlord.

A tiny pub in Margate with room for just six people standing up is preparing to open its doors for the first time on Friday.

Andy Barrett, 68, who wants to be known as the pub’s creator rather than its landlord, said he was hoping for a “bumper weekend”.

He believes The Little Prince, which measures just 11ft by 6.6ft (3m by 2m), is one of the UK’s smallest.

And he is hopeful the quirky bar will soon turn into a tourist attraction.

“I came across an empty unit, which used to be a sushi bar, and the idea came to me – there was no pub around and I thought it would be quite novel,” Mr Barrett said.

Media captionTake a tour around what could be the smallest pub in the UK

“Margate is busy, it has so many attractions, the beach, Dreamland, carnival weekend, there will be lots of people dropping in.”

Mummified cat

The Nutshell in Bury St Edmunds has up until now claimed the record as the UK’s tiniest. But manager Jack Burton does not mind if he loses the top spot.

“We’ve had a good run of it,” he said, “but I’d be interested to see what [The Little Prince] has done with the space.”

Image copyright The Nutshell
Image caption The interior of the Nutshell is plastered with numerous quirky and historical items

The Nutshell has been serving customers since 1867. It measures just 15ft by 7ft (4.5m by 2m) and “comfortably holds 20 standing up”.

Mr Burton said the tiny Victorian establishment became a tourist attraction after it was listed in the Guinness Book of Records during the 90s as the smallest pub in the world.

Its interior is plastered with historical items, photos and memorabilia, including a mummified cat.

Mr Burton said the limited space never presented a problem. “It draws people in, becomes a tourist attraction, and provides a cosy atmosphere which is lacking in many pubs.”

Image copyright The Nutshell
Image caption Mummified cats were once commonly-used to ward off evil spirits

However, one pub that would dispute The Little Prince’s claim is The Signal Box Inn in Cleethorpes, which claims it is the “smallest pub on the planet”.

Open for 10 years, it operates on the site of the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway and was created from a genuine Victorian signal box.

The box was being used as a garden shed until a young couple came up with the plan to turn it into a bar.

Image copyright The Signal Box
Image caption The Victorian signal box was originally from Scunthorpe and then used as a garden shed

It measures just 8ft by 8ft (2m by 2m) although it does also have a beer garden.

Manager Andy Cawood said the box, which sits four to six comfortably, once managed to squeeze in 35 Cleethorpes rugby players.

“It has a wonderful atmosphere. It just emits enthusiasm. People can see it is a genuine Victorian signal box. It is such a fun place,” he said.

Source: http://allofbeer.com/tiny-pub-the-little-prince-with-room-for-six-people-opens-in-margate-bbc-news/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/05/20/tiny-pub-the-little-prince-with-room-for-six-people-opens-in-margate-bbc-news/

The Repercussions Of Impulsively Losing Your Virginity To A Stranger

I lost my virginity to a guy whose name I dont know and whose face I cant remember.

I referred to him as Ricky Bobby, after Will Ferrells character in “Talladega Nights,” and I still stand by that memory of him.

We’re all aware college campuses are mainly used for drunken hookups now.

No one is finding love.

Women are warned about leaving their drinks unattended or walking home alone at night.

That was the kind of culture I wastrying to navigate, and it wasnt turning out very well.

I didnt tell him it was my first time.I didnt tell him I hadnt really planned to say yes.

I tried to be more punk rock and less “after school special” about the whole affair.

Coming to college a virgin wasn’t ever really the plan.

I was an honor roll student, and I constantly distracted myself with extracurricular activities.

Im sure my parents gave me some pieces of sexual health wisdom, but I’ve blocked them out due to sheer embarrassment.

My mother never told me to carry condoms or offered to buy me any. When it came to sex or drinking in high school, the advice was pretty clean-cut: Just dont.

So, about Ricky Bobby.

I met him at a party, and he was obviously not a student. A few shouts over ear-splitting music confirmed he was a townie and just there for the party.

I was over the party scene at this point.

I had spent my sophomore year working very hard to get invited to things, to get dressed up for parties and to walk in heels to get to them.

My roommate and I had been obsessed with the idea of finding boyfriends, double-dating and showing them off.

By the time I actually turned 21, the sticky floors and endless games of beer pong had become dull. I was tired of not being noticed, and the guys I was trying to get attention from were not worth it.

I was Gina Rodriguez from “Jane The Virgin,” but I obviously didnt look it. Names like slut and whore had been passed to me.

But, its not like my virginity was a badge.

Its not like I was saving myself for someone. That meant I had the power to do whatever I wanted.

So, I said yes to Ricky Bobby.

He picked up a cheapo condom at the gas station while I waited in his truck and went through his glove compartment, just to be safe.

He kept things simple with missionary because he thought I was drunk.

I wasnt.

I had nursed the same drink all night and abandoned it the first chance I got.

I dont remember his face, but I do remember the sex wasn’t good.

I remember wanting to tell him jackhammers were usually meant for cement.

I wanted to tell him his tattoo was going to look stupid when he was old, although now, I dont remember what it was.

Mostly, I remember thinking, Well, Jane. This is what you get for not making it a big deal.

I hadnt really said yes to him.

I was saying, “How dare you” to my father who had left to marry his third wife.

I was saying, “F*ck you!” to all the people who had talked behind my back.

I was saying, Look at me to the people I had been trying to impress for over a year.

I was saying everything to everyone else, but I hadnt actually stopped to consider the damage I was doing to myself.

Since that night, I have made plenty of awful sexual decisions.

I have said yes plenty of times when I should have said no.

It takes a while for a lesson to sink in, but I think I have the gist of it now.

Dont say yes to be cool, popular or punk rock.

Dont say yes when you should be asking, Why am I so angry, hurt, sad and scared?

Whatever man or woman youre impulsively saying yes to will not know what you need.

He or she wont be there in the morning when you realize you were yelling at the people who wronged you and not actually “just having a good time.”

Source: http://allofbeer.com/the-repercussions-of-impulsively-losing-your-virginity-to-a-stranger/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/05/20/the-repercussions-of-impulsively-losing-your-virginity-to-a-stranger/

20 of the best campsites in Europe

A tent is your cheap ticket to wild beauty spots across Europe, from Swedish lakes to Greek beaches with walking, wildlife and stargazing on tap

Le Clos du Lac, Provence, France

Setting Mountains
Pitches 50
Activities Fishing, swimming
Perched at 1,485 metres on the edge of Écrins national park, this mountain site offers Instagrammable views from the tent door and a range of picture-perfect outdoor experiences. Serre-Ponçon lake is a short walk away, for swimming or fishing, and nearby Boscodon forest has a host of hiking trails. At the campsite, there’s a volleyball court, kids’ play area and botanical garden home to nine species of butterfly. By night, the stargazing is superb.
Pitch for two from €13, campeole.com

Le Chant-hibou, Auvergne, France


Setting Countryside
Pitches 20
Activities Swimming, stories, animals
This small yet spacious site on a modest farm not only has a petting zoo, where children can cuddle up to the animals – in summer there are daily activities such as helping collect eggs, making cookies, face painting, riding tractors and storytelling around a campfire. The site is flat, with a pool (plus toddlers’ pool) in the middle, so little ones can run free while parents keep an eye on them.
Pitch from €8, plus €5 per adult,

Camping La Pointe, Brittany, France


Setting Woodland
Pitches 60
Activities Fishing nearby, wildlife
Pitch up on one of the spacious spots on the banks of the Aulne – there are salmon in nearby stretches for which you can fish with a permit. The owners deliver patisserie each morning to your tent, and encourage you to sit with a glass of wine and watch the wildlife (red deer, squirrels, woodpeckers, tawny owls). But make time to explore the rest of the
Crozon peninsula too.

Pitch for two from €15.50, lapointesuperbecamping.com

D’Olde Kamp, Ansen, Netherlands


Setting Woodland
Pitches 40
Activities Den building, feeding animals
This woodland site has a choice of open field camping or more private pitches, and finishing touches such as coffee on tap, warm bread to order, fire pits, an outdoor pizza oven and free wifi. It offers all the benefits of a countryside location without the feeling of roughing it. Goats, donkeys, chickens and rabbits are your neighbours – kids can help feed them with the farmer and get a “farming diploma”.
Pitch for two from €19,

Landgoed de Barendonk, Beers, Netherlands


Setting Woodland
Pitches 30
Activities Cycling, hiking, geocaching
Don’t be fooled by the name of the village: this campsite is distinctly family friendly. On the Barendonk estate (complete with historic Flemish homes and barns), this dairy farm is a patchwork of green fields surrounded by a moat. Though there are spaces for campers and caravans, there is an area exclusively for tents. There’s also a bad-weather sitting room where you can dry clothes, eat, sit and plan your next day’s cycle (available to hire on site), stroll or geocache challenge (rentable GPS treasure hunt available).
Pitch for two from €13.20,

Camping de la Cascade, Coo, Belgium

The river Amblève and the waterfalls at Coo. Photograph: Alamy

Setting Riverside
Pitches 40
Activities Trail running, cycling, canoeing
This small campsite sits on the Amblève river in the Ardennes, a region of forests and rolling hills. Here campers can fish, swim, walk, bike and stroll through a little-visited landscape, while cars are kept at a distance (no vehicles stay on pitches once unloaded). Nearby, in the village of Coo, are tumbling cascades that look like something out of a fairytale. And to round things off nicely is the famous Belgian beer – there are 15 to choose from in the on-site bar.
From €9.75 per pitch plus €2.80 per adult,

Zur Mühle, Black Forest, Germany


Setting Woodland
Pitches 30
Activities Hiking, cycling
Not to be confused with a site of the same name over in Bavaria, Zur Mühle offers stepped pitches with hillside views between shady trees. The emphasis is on relaxation – this is a peaceful site – no clubhouses or play areas. There is a stream for paddling, and guided walks and cycle routes for the more energetic. With fresh bread available to order and some groceries on site, this is the perfect place to simply pitch up and do nothing at all.
Pitch from €4, plus €4.90 per adult,

Camping Mexico, Bregenz, Austria

Photograph: Quadriga Images

Setting Lakeside
Pitches 40
Activities Cycling, hiking, swimming
There aren’t many campsites where you can look into two other countries from the door of your tent, but Camping Mexico is not like other campsites. Near the shore of Lake Constance – a huge, shining body of water that borders Austria, Germany and Switzerland, it offers the chance to wild swim after a day’s walking or sightseeing. And there is much to see. An easy-to-follow cycle route runs alongside the site and as far around the lake as you care to venture. Then, when you’ve had enough, jump on one of the regular trains back.
Pitch from €7, plus €9.50 per adult, camping-mexico.at

Camping Lindenhof, Bern, Switzerland


Setting Lakeside
Pitches 50
Activities Cycling, swimming
Lindenhof lies amid the vine-covered slopes of Seeland, a stone’s throw from Lake Biel, with views stretching to the Jura hills opposite. Cycle alongside rivers, hike to nearby Creux du Van (the Swiss Grand Canyon) or walk through the vines. The site itself is proudly ecological, heating the accompanying farm with solar energy and wood from its own forest, while the apples and cherries grown in the orchard are sold on site.
Pitch from €10.25, plus €7.70 per adult,

Camping Val d’Or, Enscherange, Luxembourg


Setting Countryside
Pitches 76
Activities Paddling, cycling, Nordic walking
Think camping and the tiny Grand Duchy of Luxembourg doesn’t often leap to mind. But its relative anonymity means it’s not teeming with tourists. Set on a blissful bend of the babbling Clerve river, Val d’Or offers sociable pitches for those with kids and more private places with high hedges across a footbridge. Speaking of little ones, it has three playgrounds, one of which is water themed. There are mountain bikes for hire, two nature walks starting right from the site, a bar and free wifi.
Pitch for two from €19,

Camping Carso, Trieste, Italy


Setting Woodland
Pitches 20
Activities Fruit picking, rock climbing
Run by the same family since 1932, this working organic fruit and veg farm is a mix of field and woodland, where campers can pick their own produce, or buy supplies, regional wines and local honey from the onsite shop. The green credentials don’t end there: the owners are also keen to do their bit, insisting on saving water and minimising waste. For a true eco-break, the train stops a couple of kilometres away at Sistiana.
Pitch for two from €10.50,

Camping Camino de Santiago, Burgos, Spain

Colegiata de Santa Maria del Manzano, near Burgos. Photograph: Alamy

Setting Countryside
Pitches 40
Activities Birding, cycling, pilgrim-watching
It may be named after the (at least) 500-mile pilgrim path to Santiago de Compestela in Galicia, north-west Spain, but blisters, backpacks and offerings to St James are not requirements for a stay here. In fact, the focus is very much on taking it easy. From an on-site restaurant to fresh-baked goods delivered daily, the owners do what they can to make staying in one place heavenly. There’s occasional guided birdwatching (the area is home to 361 species), pilgrims to spot, and pitches are divided by hedges for privacy.
Pitch from €4.50, plus €5 per adult,

Campsite Port Massaluca, Catalonia, Spain


Setting Riverside
Pitches 10
Activities Fishing, kayaking, birdwatching
Griffon vulture, alpine swift, peregrine falcon … If you’re already reaching for the binoculars, this Catalonian campsite, around 200km west of Barcelona, will not disappoint. At the confluence of the Matarraña and Ebro rivers, below the dramatic, sandy-coloured cliffs, all these birds can be spied nesting in the rocks above the campsite. If you’re more excited by zander, carp, bass, perch and catfish, then you’ll be in your element too, as it’s also the perfect site to fish – though there is competition from the local kingfishers, herons, cormorants and grebes, naturally.
From €9.30, camping-portmassaluca.es

Quinta dos Moinhos, Braga, Portugal

Source: http://allofbeer.com/20-of-the-best-campsites-in-europe/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/05/20/20-of-the-best-campsites-in-europe/

7 Fun Double Date Ideas To Go On With Your BFF And Your Baes

When you and your BFF both have boyfriends, it might be difficult at times to plan dates to get together. You have to split your time between bae and your best friend in the whole world, so sometimes, combining date nights is a perfect compromise. There are several double date ideas that are really fun to go on with your BFF and your boyfriends.

A double date should be based on an activity everyone will want to partake in so it’s not just one-sided. And let’s face it, the double date was probably created as an excuse to be selfish so you can have both your BFF and bae together with you all the time. If all goes well, you could be going on a ton of double dates with your favorite people. What’s better than that? I mean, they’re two of the most important people in your life, so it’s important you also have fun and get along with your BFF’s bae, too. You’ll obviously still have your individual dates, but double dates are easy ways to have everyone you love together for one fun adventure. When you’re looking for some cute double dates you four can go on together, here are seven ideas.

1. Attend A Sporting Event


Even if you’re not into sports, you can totally have fun with the awesome food and drinks served at sporting events. Everyone can find something they love at a game, and why not show off your team spirit with a beer in hand? You can tailgate beforehand and get ready for a day filled with fun times with your peeps.

2. Sign Up For A Murder Mystery Dinner Theater


Everyone loves , right? So, why not get in on your own version of by attending a murder mystery dinner? You can all work together to solve who did it. That’s teamwork at its finest.

3. Host A Game Night


Game nights are always fun, and four is the ultimate number for most games. You guys can compete as couples, or you and your BFF can school your baes while being on the same team. Let’s face it, you’re probably a killer team because best friends have a special, irreplaceable connection.

4. Show Off Your Skills In The Kitchen Together

Instead of going out for food, you can all put your skills to good use and make a meal together. Have a sophisticated dinner party, complete with candles, some great tunes, and a yummy homemade meal. Even if you’re the one person who can’t cook, you can provide the wine.

5. Compete In A Bar Trivia Night

Michael Discenza/Unsplash

Most bars have a trivia night. Take advantage of that so you, your BFF, and your baes can all compete together to win a round of free drinks. You can all pool your various random knowledge, so you’ll cover all your bases. Even if you don’t win, you’re hanging out at a bar having fun catching up and toasting your brews.

6. Have A Picnic With An Outdoor Movie Screening

Ben Duchac/Unsplash

Going to the movies is a typical double date, so why not mix things up by attending an outdoor movie screening? You guys can picnic before with lots of fun snacks and wine. You can even play a couple of fun, short card games while you’re waiting for the screening to begin. Then, snuggle up with your baes when the movie begins.

7. Take A Day Trip To A New Location

The four of you can fit in one car to take a road trip to a new location. Maybe head over to a nearby town that has some cool tourist stops, or even just a local national park. It’ll be fun to get out of town, just the four of you.

Source: http://allofbeer.com/7-fun-double-date-ideas-to-go-on-with-your-bff-and-your-baes/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/05/18/7-fun-double-date-ideas-to-go-on-with-your-bff-and-your-baes/

Tesco sorry for Good Friday beer advert – BBC News

Tesco has apologised for any offence from a beer advertisement that claimed “Good Friday just got better”.

The ad ran in some newspapers to promote “great offers on beer and cider” in the run-up to Easter.

The supermarket said it would not run the ad again after it attracted criticism from some religious figures.

Vicar and broadcaster, the Reverend Richard Coles, said the advert was “extraordinarily and unnecessarily ignorant”.

Good Friday is when Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Some choose to mark the day by fasting, which can include abstaining from eating meat or drinking alcohol.

There is some dispute about why it is called “good”, with some suggesting the day is “good” in that it is holy, and others that the phrase is a corruption of “God’s Friday”.

Why is Good Friday called Good Friday?

A Tesco spokesperson told the BBC: “We know that Easter is an important time of the year for our customers.

“It is never our intention to offend and we are sorry if any has been caused by this advert.”

Media playback is unsupported on your device

Media captionTesco Good Friday beer ad was ‘crass’ – expert tells 5 live

Tesco “got it badly wrong” with the “crass” advert, Michael Wakelin, from the faculty of divinity at Cambridge University, told BBC 5 live Daily.

It was also a “decidedly poor way of treating such a holy day”, said Mr Wakelin, a former head of BBC religious programmes.

“I’m sure there was no attempt to offend, I’m sure that wasn’t in their mind.

“It is just religious illiteracy; ignorance if you like, around what religious people hold dear, and that is my main concern,” he added.

Rev Coles said on Twitter that the advert “causes unnecessary offence to many. It didn’t need to.”

However, other Twitter users felt the advert was not offensive.

“Like it or not the Easter is also a secular holiday as well as a religious one. Most are travelling to families rather than to church,” one user wrote.

It comes after Cadbury and the National Trust were criticised for apparently dropping the word Easter from their egg hunts.

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Source: http://allofbeer.com/tesco-sorry-for-good-friday-beer-advert-bbc-news/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/05/17/tesco-sorry-for-good-friday-beer-advert-bbc-news/

Bruce Campbell on the Tragedy of Ash vs Evil Dead: Were Not Star Wars

All he ever wanted was a trip to Jacksonville—until evil came along and ruined his life. Star Bruce Campbell reflects on Season One and his doomed, ’Shakespearean’ hero.

Ash is saving a lot of people, but hes also got a lot of people killed too.

When the gleefully gory first season of Starz horror comedy Ash vs Evil Dead wraps up Saturday, its bumbling hero will have doomed the world to hell for a chance to visit the vacation spot of his dreams: Jacksonville, Florida.

And to hear showrunner Craig DiGregorio tell it, Bruce Campbell will have barely survived the ordeal.

We definitely, like, choked Bruce on liquid. He got waterboarded, but with blood, DiGregorio recalls. Then there was another instance where he kind of went blind for a while because its so viscous and sticky. It got in his eyes and he couldnt get it out.

Campbell sums up 10 episodes worth of guns, guts, and Deadite dismemberments with Ash-approved simplicity: People wanted blood, man, and they got it. 

For more than two decades, of course, what the people really wanted was more Ash. More buffoonery, more of his undeniable heroism, more smirking, brash badassery. And, man, they got it.

Twenty-three years after Army of Darkness, the last in Sam Raimis beloved Evil Dead trilogy, Ash vs Evil Dead brought Campbell back to his most iconic role, picking up with the chainsaw-handed hero well into middle age. The man who saved the world, we learn, has spent his peaceful days in blissful mediocrity, living in trailer parks, picking up women, guzzling beer, and working at a local electronics store. 

The fan-proclaimed king of postmodern cool might have petered out the rest of his life in weed smoke-filled squalor had he not accidentally unleashed evil into the world (again) by reading from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, the Book of the Dead, while high and trying to impress a girl.

Ten episodes and untold barrels of blood later, not much about Ash has changed. He falls in sort-of-love with a cop, but the romance comes to an abrupt, bloody end. He becomes vaguely attached to his two sidekicks, Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo), but their arcs end with them aghast at their friend, who just willingly traded the fate of the world for a chance to skip town with them in his Delta 88. 

Ash may be too foolish to ever grow up, but for DiGregorio and many of Ashs fans, thats part of his appeal.

The finale episodes, to me, show that this guy has grown maybe 2 percent, which is all you can hope for in a character like this, DiGregorio says. You dont want huge character shifts. It would feel disingenuous if he left the season having learned everything. 

This is all to say that Ashs life, on paper, is desperately sad.

Hes a very tragic figure. Hes Shakespearean! Campbell says. Hes a little Joseph Campbell, too. Hes on a heros journey, a bumpy road.

Campbell, whos known for assuming a kind of hybrid persona when talking Evil Deadhalf-Bruce, half-Ashstarts channeling Ashs half-baked wisdom: Cause if youre a lazy bastard, you dont have to go the hero route. You can just sit in your trailer, drink beer, and watch softcore porn and your life is over, he says, authoritatively. But if youre the hero, you gotta step out and make decisions, and some of them are gonna be really bad. People are gonna croak. Ash is saving a lot of people, but hes also got a lot of people killed, too.

That the beer-bellied Ash is so unlike most of pop cultures hyper-competent heroes, Campbell says, is what keeps luring him back to Evil Dead. Hes so flawed. First scene [of the series] that Sam [Raimi] writes for Ash, hes putting on a man-girdle. To me, thats just so awesome, he says. Other directors, theyd be too afraid. Oh, no, we cant do that. That would just be unflattering. 

Im like, Hell, yeah, it is! Ash has dentures, for gods sake! (And a bad knee and a bum shoulder.)

In the season finale, Ash returns to that old cabin in the woods for a supernatural showdown with Lucy Lawlesss Ruby, who reveals herself to be the original author of the Necronomicon. Campbell says the cabins interior set, faithfully re-created room-by-room from Raimis 1981 original, blew him away.

It gave me hives. It made the hair on the back of my head stand up, Campbell says. They got the cabin so right. I could literally walk from room to room and look through a doorway, and through every door was the right perspective down the hallway. Every window you looked through, you saw the correct door the other way.

They had the tape recorder, they had the laughing lamp, they matched the doilies and the tables. He pauses. It was justflawless. So, really disturbing.

The real-life Tennessee cabin that Raimi, his brother Ivan, and producer Rob Tappert (a college buddy of Ivans, and Lawlesss future husband) once scouted for Evil Dead, meanwhile, has long since burned down; only a chimney survives. The topic prompts Campbell into another fit of Ash-isms.

Minus Ashs gruff posturing, one could almost infer a tenderness in Campbells voice for those peoplethe Evil Dead devoteeshe keeps talking about. When asked what reservations he had about stepping into Ashs shoes again, Campbell replies promptly, Just letting fans down, thats the only thing I ever worried about. He betrays his affection when talking about the tattoos that Evil Dead fans send him, too. (He has over 300 saved in his collection.) 

A determination not to let fans down also seems to have motivated Campbells one mandate on set, his bold statement as the custodian of Ashs unique legacy: Im not saying anything that I dont want Ash to say. Its just that simple, he says. And he better not sound like everybody else. Ash has to be an amalgam, he has to be a throwback. Hes a Luddite. But hes an idiot savant. Hes actually a way more complex character than I think most people think.

DiGregorio promises that Ash vs Evil Deads second seasonpremiere date TBAwill divulge more about Ash and his backstory, beyond what little weve learned through his acid trip and three movies.

But Campbell gets to the heart of why fans really keep returning, decade after decade, to Ash and his battle against the undead.

[Evil Dead] was the little movie that could. Were not Star Warswe never were. Nobody was famous in the movie and nobodys really famous today, Campbell says, breaking into self-deprecating laughter. They did their own thing and I think people can relate to that.

Source: http://allofbeer.com/bruce-campbell-on-the-tragedy-of-ash-vs-evil-dead-were-not-star-wars/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/05/17/bruce-campbell-on-the-tragedy-of-ash-vs-evil-dead-were-not-star-wars/

Review: Thule Accent Daypack 28L

I have a strong, and perhaps unfair, aversion to backpacks that unzip completely down the side. They open fully, like clamshells, which is a great feature if you're a neatnik who likes to eyeball all the contents of your bag at a glance. But that’s not how I pack and use my everyday backpack. I don’t have the time and space to unzip my backpack completely, unless I crouch over it under my desk. And if the zippers aren’t positioned at the right spots, opening a full unzip can make all the clothes you’ve stuffed at the bottom spill out everywhere.

No, give me a good, old-fashioned half-zip that can sit upright. Better yet, give me a U-shaped opening, like on the Thule Accent daypack. I’ve been using the 28-liter size of this pack as my everyday backpack for weeks, carrying it while commuting, making grocery store runs, and going to the park with my family. You can undo the U-opening entirely to check out all of the bag’s contents, or you can unzip it partway to just shove things in the top, like a tote bag.

It’s durable, versatile, and minimalist. It’s also reasonably affordable, priced at $130 for the 28-liter size and under $100 for the 20-liter. Of all the bags I’ve tested, this is the first one that I might consider buying for myself.

On the Go


Founded in Sweden in 1942, Thule makes transportation gear. The company is best known for its roof racks, which carry cargo boxes, surfboards, and other sports equipment. They also make a line of bags, strollers, bike trailers, and even a hybrid stroller-trailer.

The Accent backpack is made from black, slightly glossy 1680-dernier polyester. The interior is a bright blue, the better for seeing all your little doodads tucked into various pockets. It measures 20.1 inches tall, which is just a little too tall for my 5'2" frame. A smaller size would fit better on someone who is as short as I am.

The laptop pocket can safely carry a typical 15.6-inch notebook computer. The bottom of the laptop pocket is padded and suspended over the bottom of the backpack, so that you can set it down abruptly on the floor without dinging up your MacBook. The main compartment also has a dedicated 10-inch tablet pocket which fit both my iPad mini and Kindle Paperwhite, and it has a side handle and side zip for grabbing your laptop quickly.

Mesh pockets in the main compartment fit my headphones and chargers, and a dedicated mesh pocket on the top of the main compartment was perfect for pens, hand sanitizer, and lip balms. If I were traveling, I would switch the contents of that compartment with my wallet and phone, which I kept in the easy-access top zip pocket.

The bag also has a hardshell SafeZone pocket for quickly stowing sunglasses or other fragile items, a mesh water bottle side pocket, and another side pocket for accessories. It zips shut, so you can stick in a battery pack or charger, but I found it worked equally well for an extra water bottle or coffee thermos.

The shoulder straps include a sternum strap set on adjustable sliding rails. The shoulder straps, back panel, and grab handle are padded with EVA and wrapped in mesh. The Accent also has webbing with buckles on the bottom for rolling up and carrying jackets or blankets, and a stretchy panel on the back so that you can slide it onto the handle of your rolling suitcase.

Can't Stand the Rain

I used the backpack to tote my work stuff around town, including my laptop, chargers, planners, and jacket. I filled it up with groceries—loaves of bread, six-packs of beer, heads of broccoli—and shoved water bottles and diaper changing stations in it to take my kids to the park. I wore it walking with my dogs and kids, driving in the car, and skateboarding and biking around my neighborhood to my local cafe.

But it's not a hiking daypack. It weighs 2.5 pounds empty, which means it’s not particularly light; my Topo Designs daypack weighs less by more than a pound. But the added weight makes sense, given the enormous amount of padding on the bag.

I also find Thule's use of mesh on straps and back panels to be overly optimistic, if not outright misleading. Putting a colander on your head doesn’t make your scalp see-through, and putting mesh on the outside of foam doesn’t make it cooler, or more breathable. You might just have to deal with the fact that you’re going to get sweaty.

And finally, the bag isn’t waterproof. The top zips for the easy access compartment and the main compartment are both exposed to rain on the top of the bag, without zipper guards or garages to prevent water from entering the pack. I stuffed towels in the easy access zip compartment and main compartment and ran the shower on it for three minutes. Water beaded up on the front panel, but the bag’s interior got pretty soaked.

Even if it’s not waterproof, it has other basic features that more expensive bags lack, like a suspended laptop compartment, and the organization is great. For commuting and running errands, the easy-access pocket was a fine place to put my wallet and phone. I especially liked the SafeZone pocket, since I have both sunglasses and eyeglasses that I’m always on the verge of crushing. I also liked being able to store running shoes and clothes in the front pocket, although someone with bigger shoes might have more of a problem.

It's durable, too. For weeks, I kicked it around on the floors of cars, and its black polyester exterior brushed clean quickly and easily.

The straps also curved to fit my narrow shoulders. With many unisex bags, I have to clip the sternum strap in order to keep the straps from sliding off. I didn’t have a reason to attach it to a roller suitcase, but the stretchy back panel fit neatly over the handle of my indomitable stroller/wagon for outings. Despite its height, it also fits well within the allowable dimensions for personal items on planes, so I wouldn’t worry about it drawing flight attendant ire.

For a capacity of 28 liters, the Accent daypack offers terrific bang for your buck. That value goes up even more if you, like me, would downsize from the 28-liter size to a 23- or even 20-liter size. Imagine that: a good-looking, durable work and travel backpack for $90!

Correction appended: 4/25/2017, 9:30 am PDT: A previous version of this story misidentified the country of Thule's founding. It is Sweden, not Switzerland.

Source: http://allofbeer.com/review-thule-accent-daypack-28l/

Source: https://allofbeer.wordpress.com/2018/05/17/review-thule-accent-daypack-28l/